Project Description



Highly efficient plastering machine for a wide range of uses

PRO H DM worm pump with hydraulic system for mixing, pumping, spraying and injecting common and ready-mixed mortars. The machine guarantees great working performance thanks to the tough tilting mixer, the large discharge hopper and the precise ever-adjustable output.


– Traditional site mixes and premixed dry mortars
– Insulating and fireproofing mortars
– Thixotropic mortars
– Monocoat mortars
– Rendering
– Concrete repair
– Micropiling
– Casting restoration
– Grouting
– Self-levelling floor screeds


The innovative hydraulic circuit, with variable displacement pump, allows to use only the quantity of oil needed for the desired performance.
Thus the advantages are clear: fuel savings (up to one liter per hour), reduced volume of oil in the circuit and improved working conditions (for the engine). The latest innovation for a well proven machine.

Technical data

Liquid cooled diesel engine 12LD/477/2 Lombardini – 15 Kw 12LD/477/2 Lombardini – 15 Kw
Worm pump T25 2L6
Infinitely adjustable output [*] 0 ÷ 65 l/min 0 ÷ 55 l/min
Max. aggregate size 10 mm 6 mm
Max. working pressure 30 bar 40 bar
Compressor 2-cylinder compressor 400 l/m, 7 bar 2-cylinder compressor 400 l/m, 7 bar
Hopper capacity 200 l 200 l
Tilting mixer capacity 180 l 180 l
Delivery distance [*] up to 80 m up to 100 m
Delivery height [*] up to 40 m up to 60 m
Filling height 117 cm 117 cm
Delivery manifold Ø 50 mm Ø 50 mm
Chassis Unbraked for road use Unbraked for road use
Size (L x W x H) 274 (339[#]) x 139 x 145 cm 274 (339[#]) x 139 x 145 cm